Is Homework Really Beneficial

The debate on the significance of homework has been ongoing for quite some time now. A section of scholars states that homework should be scrapped from the school system while the other camp argues that its benefits are far too many. Depending on how you choose to look at it, homework does play a vital role in education. This doesn’t mean that it lacks any flaws. The purpose of this article is to evaluate the best assignment writing services by highlighting some vital aspects.

Definition of homework?

Homework is an assigned task given to the student by a teacher as an extension of classwork. The assignment is normally given with the intention of being done at home.

Why Teachers Assign homework

Homework serves several educational needs; sadly, many students tend not to see the value in them. The following are some of the reasons why teachers dispense homework. 


In most cases, teachers give homework to serve as extra practice to what was taught earlier in the day. As the student tackles the work, he or she reinforces the previously taught concepts.


In a class situation, it can be hard to determine whether a student has grasped the lesson taught. Homework serves as a great tool to determine whether a student was paying attention in class since the learner would be working on the assignment alone. As a result, it leaves students with no option but to participate in class.

Exam Grades

One of the functions of homework is to provide supplemental grading for students. To some degree, this has helped in changing the perspective of most learners towards homework since it accounts for their general performance.

Benefits of Homework

Let’s face it, a lot of students don’t always look forward to doing homework. This is because they’re always tired after a long day at school; besides that, being surrounded by fun things to do at home also adds to the difficulty. Nonetheless, homework has quite a number of benefits attached to it. The following are some of its benefits.

Research Skills

Since learners do homework on their own in most cases, they have to learn to use the available resources at home such as the internet and other learning materials. This enhances their research skills and exposes them to greater ways of studying through the use of additional materials.


Homework teaches students to be self-reliant as well as developing a sense of responsibility. As a learner, tackling the assignment alone nurtures your ability to work independently away from your teachers and fellow classmates.

Parent-Child Relationship

Assignments are a great way to get parents involved with their children’s academics. Since learners spend most of their time away from their parents, homework serves as a bridge to fill them in on how their kids are faring at school.

Better understanding

Spending time doing homework also helps students gain a better understanding of previously taught subjects besides assisting the student to prepare for the next class.


Homework is one of the most important elements of learning. Inasmuch as a lot of students don’t like doing homework, it has so many academic, social, and mental benefits that can really help them in the future. 

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