How to Manage Homework Stress

The benefits of formal education are far too many to be overlooked. However, in recent times, the number of students who’ve become victims of homework stress has soared significantly. It’s quite unfortunate to hear that the very thing that’s supposed to empower the younger generation is what’s contributing to their destruction. 

Causes of Homework Stress

Here are some of the contributing factors to homework stress in students.

Many Assignments

Educators tend to give out too many assignments to students; this may cause the school work to pile up to the point of making the learner lose the motivation to complete them.

Increase in Difficulty

As students progress through classes, they start to take up more advanced subjects, the complexity of the novel experience can be overwhelming. When a teacher fails to recognize the phobia in the learner early enough, it normally gives rise to stress in the student.

Heavy Workload from Multiple Teachers

Given the sheer number of subjects a particular student takes, it’s quite typical for the teachers of those classes to give out assignments simultaneously. This normally translates to a heavy workload for the learner. Due to the limited time available for a student to finish a particular task, it’s quite understandable why he or she may come under stress and pressure. 

Poor Sleep Schedule

Owing to the heavy workload of school assignments, many students only manage to sleep for a few hours. This leads to a poor life pattern of school-homework-sleep. Consequently, problems relating to sleep deprivation will arise, which normally creates negative side effects such as mood swings, stress, and depression. 

Signs of stress

If you want to deal with stress, you first need to learn about the signs and address them before they become severe. Take a look at the following list that highlights the symptoms of stress. 

Excessive Thoughts

Our bodies weren’t designed to be under constant pressure; sadly, school assignments have greatly contributed to this problem. For this reason, most learners develop excessive thoughts that are usually caused by strict deadlines or the sheer amount of schoolwork.

Lack of interest

There’s nothing wrong with receiving homework; still, when it’s dispensed in the wrong way, it can easily make a student lose interest in doing it. Lack of enthusiasm in doing assignments is a clear indication of resentment as well as underlying stress. 


Stress has been known to cause several ailments in people. Some of the prevalent illnesses include insomnia, loss of energy, and headaches. If you find yourself having such symptoms, especially when you’re about to do your homework, then it could be an indication that you’re suffering from stress.  

How to Avoid Homework Stress

The following are some useful measures a learner can take to avoid falling under stress.

Pay Attention in Class

Being attentive in class pays a good dividend in understanding the concepts being taught. In fact, you’ll find it easier to do your assignments, enabling you to finish them in a timely manner.

Set Goals

The first step to being successful is setting up specific goals and working towards achieving them. You should set objectives that’ll specifically address your problems. A good example is breaking down your assignments into smaller tasks and allocating a deadline for each.  

Spend Time with Family and Friends

Inasmuch as school assignments are important, you should also endeavor to find time for your loved ones. This can help you break the monotony of spending the whole day in a learning environment. 

It’s quite disturbing how stress has penetrated down to the younger generation; Nonetheless, there’s still much that can be done to avoid falling into this subtle trap. Through observing the above principles, you can be sure to lead a healthy, productive life.