Learn the Incredible Facts About South America Geography for Your Homework

Do you love geography? Would you like to learn some fantastic facts about South America geography? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place. We have carried out immense research to bring you this fantastic article that captures many facts about South America. The tips that we shall discuss are crucial. Hence if you love South American geography, you will not want to miss out on this article.

Cities bring out a lot about a country. They share the history and the current state of the regions in the country. Hence, to gather geography facts about South America, we analyzed its major cities. Through this research, we have compiled a lot of crucial information that you can use in your geography homework.

Here are some incredible geographical facts about the South American geography as per cities.

Sao Paulo in Brazil

The first city that we shall look at is probably the largest of all cities situated in South America. Sao Paulo has a whopping eleven point two million population density. It is the largest Brazilian city.

The growth of this city started back in 1554 when Jesuit priests began a mission to try and reach out to the population of the area. Even though people from Portugal first populated the city, it has now grown and features many people from different walks of the universe.

The city’s university

As far as universities are concerned, this city has over a dozen of them. It has colleges and universities spread out across the city, and some of them include:

  • The Sao Paulo university
  • Pontifical university
  • Mackenzie Presbyterian university

Some incredible landmarks

The tops its incredible geography with some fascinating landmarks which include:

  • Portuguese language museum
  • Catedral da Se
  • The Sao Paulo Museum of modern arts

Lima in Peru

The second city that we shall look at is also a fascinating one; it is one of the largest cities in America. As far as ranking is concerned, it is considered the fourth biggest city in America. It is also the largest city in Peru, and it was once called the city of kings. With such significant features, you are sure to find some incredible geographical facts in this city.

For starters, the city has a population density of 7.6 million, pretty huge, right! The city started to grow back in 1535 when it was the viceroyalty capital of Peru for the Spanish. Peru then regained their freedom back in 1821 and declared Lima as its capital.

Some cultural background

The oldest university in America is situated in this city; it is known as the National University of San Marcos. The university was founded back in 1551. A fun fact to note is that this university is seventy-five or more years older than the Harvard University.

The city also has some incredible museums, which include:

  • National history museum
  • Italian art museum
  • Gold museum
  • Natural history museum


If you are a geography lover or enthusiast, we hope this article has been interesting. The human geography of South America is a crucial part of geography. The information mentioned in this article is pretty accurate, and hence it could help you score more points in your assignment.

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